MEET Amanda Code


With her teenage clothing, spiked blond hair and
trim body, Amanda looks much younger than her
thirty years.

A former captain (or was she?) in Navy intelligence, the
mysterious Amanda Code is currently Dean of Students at
Arcadia Academy, an all-girl, private school (grades 7-12)
located in upper New York state.

But her job is just a cover story for her real job as one of the
top directors of The Institute. The Institute had been
established by former intelligence officers as a top-secret,
world-wide organization to carry out missions that official
government agencies can't or won't do.

Because official government agencies wanted no part
in shutting down the lucractive, black market
selling of endangered animals, The Institute
asked Amanda to recruit a team of operatives
to carry out those types of missions.

As the Dean of Students at Arcadia
Academy, Amanda combed the student
records and discovered Ren's superior
martial arts skills, Colleen's
phenomenal I.Q. and Brooke's
animal telepathy. Noticing that
these three teenagers had already
formed a band, she knew they
worked well together and
recruited Ren, Brooke and Colleen
for the Institute.