About The Author

Teenage author, Shay Kelleher, combines her passion for animals,
rock music and action-adventure stories in Havoc in Hong Kong,
the debut book in her new series- rescue rockers.

Now sixteen, Shay first created the characters for the Rescue
Rockers series at age eleven. Inspired by her own love of
reading and not content to write "just another boring book,"
Shay Kelleher's Havoc in Hong Kong is jam-packed with
uber-cool characters, amazing techno gadgets, lots of humor,
and plenty of fast-paced action and suspense.

An artist as well as an author, Shay designed the characters and
artwork for the Rescue Rockers series. She lives in St. Louis, Missouri
with her family and is currently working on additional books in the
Rescue Rockers series.