MEET rescue rocker -
Brooke Wilson


Hair- flaming red
Eyes- chocolate brown
Grade- 8
Age- 13
B- Day – May 22nd
Sign- Gemini
Hobby(s)- practicing her animal telepath skills on every animal she encounters, volunteering at local animal rescue centers, bass guitar and songwriting.
Special skill(s)- animal (and sometimes, human) telepath
What she plays in Rescue Rockers band- bass guitar, back-up vocals
Food Likes- spicy food – especially tacos
Foot Dislikes- tasteless, bland food
Favorite Subject- English
Least Favorite Subject- Chemistry
Favorite Animal- all of them- but especially cats
Favorite Color- cobalt blue
How Brooke spends her free time- walking around parks and zoos communicating with animals, writing articles for veterinary journals,
playing bass guitar and writing songs for the Rescue Rockers band.