MEET rescue rocker - Ren Tyler


Hair- dark purple
Eyes- midnight blue
Grade- 8
Age- 13
B-Day- January 13th
Sign- Capricorn
Hobby(s) - martial arts, electric guitar, songwriting,
skateboarding, and climbing trees-especially if
they are high.
Special Skill(s)- martial arts
What she plays in Rescue Rockers band- lead guitar,
lead vocals
Food Likes- pizza, pockey
Food Dislikes- fish, broccoli, tea
Favorite Subject- P.E.
Least Favorite Subject- math
Favorite Animal- wolf
Favorite Color- red
How Ren spends her free time- practicing martial
arts, playing her electric guitar, writing songs for
the Rescue Rockers band, skateboarding, and
trying to catch up on her math homework-which
she always purposely ignores till the last minute.